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One With The Path To Complete Endless Balance...Poetries of the Realities...Broadcast from the Breach...Limitless Lucid Luminosity...Shared Surreality...Everything Reveals...Poetries of the Realities...

Welcome To The Symphony of Living Form

* 'Poetries' here is not intended exclusively in the literary sense. We may find that a mirroring of the harmony comprising our subject matter, within the form and structure of a communication, itself is an apt and often more accurate tribute, and indeed expresses meaning on thus yet multiple levels.

Nothing here claims to be true.
All that Language can ever do is point to Truth...
One way or another... with analogy and metaphor.

Symbiosis of the Soul. Worlds within Worlds. We are a Tissue. We are interwoven with each other and are pulled forward into the future Form by the weight of that which lies ahead of us... our destination, our origin, our Source. We are passing Through the Universes... every... moment...
If you cannot see your forest for all the other trees,
Then stand against the wind and feel the timeless breeze.
The patterns that compose Us dare reveal the keys
To views through doorways locked by earthly swirling seas.
Gaze into the All that lives and bounds and breathes.
These are the Poetries of the Realities.

Peace and Growth,

Endless Love and Respect,

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